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The Creators’ Law Firm:

SecurIP Law

Experience Prevails

Practice Areas

Trademark transactions

Search, Consult, & Register your Mark whether it’s already in-use or is you intend to use it soon. Those operating outside of the United States, new U.S. Laws require a licensed U.S. Attorney to perform your trademark registration

General Counsel

General advice on trademark, copyright, and other intellectual asset transaction issues.

Copyright matters

All Creators – whether it’s digital content, a performing art, music, etc. – need legal protection for their creations.

Privacy Pirates

Pursue the Pariahs of the internet! Digital pirates that use Artists’ & Creators’ content without permission are beyond problematic. SecurIP Law can oust these counterfeiters from your space(s).

Intellectual Property Portfolio Management

Artists & Creators have vast portfolios that may need direction, if not protection for any potential monetization.

Intellectual Asset Licensing

There is a wide range of deals Artists & Creators alike can be offered online. The business is not novice-friendly and can be overwhelming if you don’t know here to look.

Attorney for the Artists & Content Creators

Law firms are typically organized around clients from whom the most revenue can be excreted – not at SecurIP Law:
Your business’s/personal financial situation, along with the facts of your case, are considered when pricing the matter(s) in question.


What clients say

Life & Fitness Coach

“[SecurIP Law] did an excellent job of putting things in terms that would make sense to me. I am not knowledgeable in this area … especially when it comes to business law… [An] explanation and recommendation on action in simple terms that made sense to me. [It] was thorough and I know he was looking out for my best interest.”

Lindsey, Entrepreneur client – January 4, 2017